Jönköping på nätet
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Welcome to Jönköping and Its surroundings.

Jönköping lies in the middle of south Sweden and has alot of Wildstrawberry-spots.

The beutiful nature around Jönköping is surely worth a visit, and for a quick overlook can you travel to Tabergs topp that rises 343 meters above sea level. When the weather is clear you can see about 70 kilometers over the surrounding area.

Or why not head down to Jönköpings hamn and eat some fish, then take a little trip on Vättern with the M/S Nya Skärgården. If It would rain on one of the warm summer days Its no problems to pass the time at A6-köpcenter or bathe indoors in Rosenlunds Waterpark.

In Huskvarna you can find 300 year old Smedbyn, It was here It started for the husqvarna factory a long time ago.

When you have gotten used to Jönköping you might consider doing daytrips around southern Sweden, you can reach both the east and west coast in about 2 hours.